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Electrolyte Drinks

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Gatorade Instant Powder
Gatorade speeds hydration and delivers energy, and is not caffeinated or carbonated. Each 8.5 ounce package of instant powder yields one gallon of Gatorade. Each 51 ounce package yields six gallons.
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Gatorade Powder Mix Flavor Variety Pack 32/Case
Satisfy all of their tastes with this variety pack from Gatorade. Each 21 ounce package yields 2.5 gallons of Gatorade. This case contains 8 packs of each of the most popular flavors.
  • 32 Packages in Each Case
  • Each Package Yields 2.5 Gallons
  • 8 Packages of Each Flavor
  • Flavors Included:
    -  Lemon-Lime
    -  Orange
    -  Riptide Rush
    -  Fruit Punch
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Sqwincher Fast Pack Electrolyte Drink
Individual serving packets with built-in cup make rehydration fast and easy. Just tear, fill, and drink.
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Sqwincher Lite Qwik Stik Electrolyte Drink
Just add one of these individual packets to a 20oz bottle of water for instant sugar-free and calorie-free rehydration. Sweetened with Sucralose.
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Sqwincher Squeeze Pops Assorted
The great taste and performance of Sqwincher, available in a tasty frozen treat. Reduce core body temperature with Sqwincher’s scientifically developed formulation that is absorbed into the body at a significantly faster rate than water, allowing the body to replenish the electrolytes and minerals needed for proper rehydration.

  • Ideal for kids, youth and adults.
  • Great for and sporting and industrial use.
  • Easy to eat freezer pops that keep you cool to the core even in the hottest weather.
  • All the benefits of a Sqwincher drink in a handy freezer pop.
  • Assorted flavors include: Lemon-Lime, Cherry, Mixed Berry & Grape.
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Plastic Coolers
Portable plastic coolers for liquids in 4 sizes. Coolers feature a fast flowing spigot for easy dispensing. Perfect for job-sites & events.
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