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Cotton Tip Applicators
Cotton tip applicators for wound treatment, in a resealable plastic vial or easy to open paper bag.
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Forceps & Tweezers
Magnum 4" Micro-Point kit-type tweezers with inward points for precise control, surgical steel. Disposable 4.5" plastic tweezers, precise tips, 3 guides for alignment, in royal blue. Steel fine point splinter tweezers in two lengths. Straight serrated mosquito forceps in two lengths. Fine point tweezers attached to small magnifier.
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Kit scissors made to cut up to 12 ply gauze, solid steel blades. Utility/EMS shears. Lister bandage scissors, stainless steel.
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Splinter Out
Individually wrapped, sterile, with Medipoint tip for effective splinter removal.
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Eye Loop & Magnet
Nylon loop and strong eye magnet fit into a barrel handle, effective in removing particles from the eye.
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Sharps Containers
Containers for the safe disposal of sharps, esp. syringes, blades, and other medical waste.
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