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Powered Air-Purifying (PAPR)

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North PAPR Blower Assemblies
NEW! North Compact Air™ CA102 PAPR respirator blower assemblies are compatible with all North respirators, from half-mask to full-face, so you can use the same mask for APR, PAPR and supplied air. Less maintenance, less fit testing, and less inventory saves you time and money.

CA101 blower assemblies have the same features but provide a higher flow for use with North Primair™ hoods.

CA101 provides 6CFM for North Hoods; CA102 provides 4CFM for North Facepieces. Both come in a complete kit with belt and comfort pad, blower and battery, charger, flow indicator, breathing tube, tyvek tube covers, and carrying case. Both use three 4000 series PAPR cartridges. Decon style belts are washable for easy decontamination.

See North's PAPR Flyer for full details!
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North Primair Loose-Fitting Hoods
Great for light duty industries. Use with North CA101 PAPR.
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Better fit for a variety of facial sizes
  • Lightweight Tyvek® QC
  • Durable for extended use in particulate environments
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North PA111/PA112 Primair Plus Loose-Fitting Hoods
For painting applications, and other environments where full head and shoulder coverage is desired.
  • Adjustable bib length - Workers select the length that is right for them
  • Available in Tyvek® QC for most particulate applications, and Saranex® coated Tyvek for additional chemical protection
  • Optional Peel-away windows protects the lens from splatter
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North 4000 Series PAPR Cartridges
Cartridges and filters for North Compact Air™ PAPR blower assemblies. (Compact Air blower assemblies require three cartridges for operation).
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