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Full Coated Gloves

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Best Nitty Gritty® Latex Grip Coated Gloves
The Original Nitty Gritty® was the industry's first wrinkle-finished, natural rubber-coated glove. It remains the most cut resistant, comfortable, premium-value glove of its class, truly a cut above the rest. Launderable, features a soft, five-piece flannel liner which provides greater comfort and flexibility than inferior, jersey-lined lookalikes. Its multidipped, premium natural rubber coating gives you superior cut, abrasion, snag and puncture resistance and extended wear. The outstanding wet and dry grip enhances safety and ease of handling. Chemical-resistant to a broad range of ketones, dilute acids, alkalis, and alcohols.
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Best Neo Grab Neoprene Wrinkle Grip Gloves
For insulation against heat or cold, Insulated Neo Grab features a triple-layer construction of foam insulation sandwiched between a layer of 100% cotton jersey and 100% cotton interlock. Neoprene coating provides outstanding resistance to abrasion, cut and a wide range of chemicals. Launderable.
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Best Neoprene 31"
Heavy weight Neoprene coated, jersey lined, smooth grip, wing thumb pattern provides a full hand size, 31" in length.
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Best Fuzzy Duck Breathable PVC Coated Glove
Breathable PVC coating on a soft, comfortable, two-piece jersey liner. This is a breathable glove offers which provides abrasion resistance. While not liquid-proof, Fuzzy Duck's textured coating provides an excellent grip and minimizes absorption of water, oil and grease. Although not a true anti-vibration (AV) glove, Fuzzy Duck tends to absorb and minimize shock, too. Launderable and printed on both hands for easy identification and pairing after laundering.
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Best KPG® Full Coat Breathable PVC Glove
KPG® is one of the world’s first seamless, breathable PVC work gloves. The fully-coated supported work glove provides workers a cool, comfortable choice for operations involving parts assembly or general construction and maintenance work. KPG®’s seam-free liner gives it superb grip, while its textured finish delivers unbeatable handling and tactile discrimination. And because its fully coated in PVC, KPG® provides front and back hand protection against abrasions, punctures and snags.
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