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Banded Hearing Protectors

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Caboflex Banded Hearing Protector
Banded hearing protector. NRR 20.
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E-A-Rflex Banded Hearing Protector
Banded semi-insert hearing protector. Adjustable for the best fit and comfort. NRR 25.
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E-A-RCaps Banded Hearing Protector
Banded hearing protector. NRR 17.
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Quiet Band QB-3 Banded Earplugs
Designed for people who are exposed to intermittent noise, QB3HYG offers good protection with its semi-aural fit. Smooth, ergonomic pods fit outside the opening of the ear canal for noise protection, while QB3HYG's patented band design prevents ear pods from touching dirty or contaminated surfaces when set down. NRR 23.
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Howard Leight QB2 Quiet Band Hearing Protectors
Quiet Band QB2 supra-aural banded hearing protector, NRR 25. Ergonomic, comfortable and effective. Design allows pads to avoid contamination by suspending them when band is set down.
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Moldex Jazz Band Earplugs
Jazz Band banded hearing protector. Reusable, replaceable foam pods with AdB coating for NRR 25. Each set of 5 replacement pods includes 1 free neck cord.
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