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No matter what your company's needs,
Norwest Safety can offer you a high level of service and dedication
to help you build and maintain a successful safety program.

In addition to being a regional safety house with extensive inventory and an over 90% same day fill rate on new orders, we excel at tailored customer service for premium accounts.

We can work in a range of custom modes, up to a vendor partnership, developing and maintaining inventory/restocking programs which are specifically designed to achieve the customer's goal.

We can customize ordering and billing processes, including custom fax forms for easy identification of products and usage.

Our phone and field service associates can help you evaluate available products, compare features and performance, and make the best choice for your workplace.

Through close and continuing contact, we can anticipate service requirements and solve many issues that arise, minimizing paperwork miscommunications and avoiding crises. We understand that keeping workers protected and ready to work at all times is fundamental to productivity.

We are available by phone, fax, email, internet or in person. No PRESS ONE, PRESS TWO phone system. If you call, you'll talk to a real person. And if you walk in the door, a real person may offer to take you back into our 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse for a hands-on tour.

Accidents happen. Injuries are real and real people get hurt when protection is not in place, is inappropriate or fails to perform.

We see ourselves as part of our customers' safety team. We believe in strong relationships. Only by developing a deep insight into our clients' industries can we understand the complexity of their safety issues and meet their needs with appropriate products.

That's what we do ... and we've been doing it since 1978.

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Your Safety is Our Business.
Norwest Safety -- 645 Wilson Street -- PO Box 22138 -- Eugene OR -- 97402
Phone: (541) 687-8032 or (800) 248-2520 -- Fax: (541) 345-0216 or (888) 843-5641
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