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Gateway Starlite
Our best-selling safety glass! Economical and comfortable!Sleek, compact appearance and ultra-lightweight wearability. Wraparound body improves impact protection around the eyes and prevents slippage. Available in a wide variety of colors!
Gateway Safety
Available Options:

 Qty. Stock No. Description / Pricing
 30940C Starlite Clear  
 (Mfr.#4680)List price: $1.52
In Stock
 30940A/F Starlite Clear Anti-Fog  
 (Mfr.#4679)List price: $0.00
Call for Availability
 30940G Starlite Grey  
 (Mfr.#4683)List price: $1.84
In Stock
 30940GAF Starlite Grey Anti-Fog  
 (Mfr.#4678)List price: $2.17
In Stock
 30940A Starlite Amber  
 (Mfr.#4675)List price: $1.90
In Stock
 30940MO Starlite Mocha  
 (Mfr.#4686)List price: $1.90
In Stock
 30940B Starlite Blue  
 (Mfr.#4676)List price: $1.90
In Stock
 30940-3.0 Starlite Green 3.0  
 (Mfr.#4664)List price: $5.43
In Stock
 30940-5.0 Starlite Green 5.0  
 (Mfr.#4666)List price: $5.43
Call for Availability
 30940/IO Starlite Indoor/Outdoor Mirror  
 (Mfr.#460M)List price: $0.00
Call for Availability
 30940MM Starlite Mocha Mirror  
 (Mfr.#466M)List price: $2.17
Call for Availability
 30940BM Starlite Blue Mirror  
 (Mfr.#469M)List price: $2.17
In Stock
 30940SM Starlite Silver Mirror  
 (Mfr.#468M)List price: $2.17
In Stock
 30940GM Starlite Gold Mirror  
 (Mfr.#467M)List price: $2.17
In Stock
 30940RM Starlite Red Mirror  
 (Mfr.#461M)List price: $2.17
In Stock
 30940-SC Starlite Small Clear  
 (Mfr.#3680)List price: $1.63
In Stock
 30940-SG Starlite Small Grey  
 (Mfr.#3683)List price: $1.90
In Stock
 30940-SIO Starlite Small Indoor/Outdoor Mirror  
 (Mfr.#360M)List price: $2.17
In Stock

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