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Eye Wash
Sterile isotonic solution used to flush particles and irritants from the eye. Industrial Eye Drops help relieve irritation in eyes due to exposure to smoke, dust, welders flash and other irritants.
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 Qty. Stock No. Description / Pricing
 18010 Eye Wash .5oz Bottle  
 (Mfr.#)List price: $1.63
In Stock
 18011 Eye Wash 4oz  
 (Mfr.#24-0704C)List price: $4.07
In Stock
 18012 Industrial/Weld Eye Wash .5oz  
 (Mfr.#24-65015)List price: $48.00
Call for Availability
 18040 Eyewash 16oz Pop-off Top Bottle  
 (Mfr.#)List price: $8.30
In Stock
 18040-32 Eyewash 32oz Pop-off Top Bottle  
 (Mfr.#)List price: $11.56
In Stock
 18040H Eyewash 16 Ounce Bottle with Screw-off Lid   
 (Mfr.#)List price: $7.05
Call for Availability
 18040H-32 Eyewash 32 Ounce Bottle with Screw-off Lid  
 (Mfr.#)List price: $11.12
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